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United Snacks was established with the premise to enrich young lives with the flavorsome taste of premium quality snacks.  We aim to create distinction in the snacks market and become a leading brand not just within the country, but also expand our reach beyond Pakistan.

We drive our strength from our core values of free-spirit, innovation, trust, wholeheartedness and humility. And strive to instill the same energy and fresh thinking in our consumers.

Being a young and fresh brand, we believe in going beyond the ordinary and driving new food trends with focus on the snacks segments. We attract people who share our unique philosophy; individuals who are dynamic, passionate and young at heart.

We have embarked on a delightful journey and would love fun-loving, original, trendy and positive people to join us.

we make your snacks work for you.

We’re inspired to make healthy food more accessible, through convenient delivery and exceptional taste. Fresh because we work to stay away from processed ingredients. Inspiring because we are open about what goes in the food we make.


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We go beyond the ordinary to drive food trends.

We select the best quality potatoes from all over the country and use best practices to store them. These potatoes then go through a complete process that includes cleaning, slicing, rinsing, dewatering, frying, de-oiling, and seasoning.  The best quality flavors are then picked from across the world and applied to the chips. Later, packaging takes place on machines that are equipped with latest international technology.

We ensure all our machines are working properly and operating on the correct frequency. Moreover, we constantly record key measures, such as moisture, color, slice, thickness and temperature, in order to ensure that we deliver top quality products to our consumers.

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